Explore our diverse rental inventory

We stock a wide range of equipment for hire. If you do not see the equipment that you are looking for below please get in touch with our team.

Explore our diverse rental inventory

varilite 2500 spot

uv cannon 400w

urc led wash

tank trap stand

strand lighting mx24

strand fresnel 2000w

strand fresnel 1000w

strand fresnel 650w

strand fresnel 500w

strand cantata 26/44

strand cantata 18/32

spectral m800

smart bat wireless uplighter

showtec sunstrip active

showtec molefay 4-lite 1 ch

showtec led operator 4ch air


SGM palco 5

sgm p-10 1250 w

selecon rama 7 frensel

proplex opto splitter

procedes hallier fenyx 4000k

procedes hallier fenyx 3000k

philip showline SD-Drive 4hm

nicols splitter dmx

mdg max 5000

mbi 150w

martin mac quantum wash

martin mac aura

martin mac 700 wash

martin mac 700 profile

martin mac 301

martin mac 250+

martin jem hazer pro

martin atomic strobe

Ma lightcomander

luminex gigacore 14r

luminex ethernet-dmx8 mkii port node

LED tape roll

LED tape power supply

led par cyclops cpx 418 op

led flood 400w

led city color

Led batten 1m

Jem low fog generator

Jem af-1 dmx stage fan

ip65 festoon lighting

grand ma network processing unit

grand ma 2 port node

glp x4 wash

follow spot strong gladiator 3000w

etc source 4 profile

etc source 4 mini

ETC parnels

elation platinum beam 5r

df50 cracked oil haze machine

Core colourpoint wireless uplighter

coda 1000w

coda 500w

cls pixelbar54

clf yara

clay paky super sharpy

clay paky sharpy profile

clay paky mythos 2

clay paky alpha spot hpe 1500

city colour 2500w

chauvet eve tf20 fresnel 24 watt white

chauvet eve tf20 fresnel 24 watt black

chamsys snakesys r8 artnet node

chamsys mq100

chamsys mq80

chamsys mq60

chamsys execute wing

cct minuette fresnel

avolites art 2000 power cube dimmer rack

Avolites art 200 48 way dimmer rack

astera titan tubes

6channel Avolites dmx truss splitter

6channel DMX controller

4 channel dmx-decoder

3 channel dmx-decoder 12/24v

yamaha rio 1608-d remote stage box

yamaha msr 100

yamaha MG12

yamaha MG06

yamaha LS9-32

yamaha LS9-16

yamaha DXs15

yamaha DXR12

yamaha cl-5 Digital mixer

unisound 12 inch active speaker

shure Ua 870 wb

shure sm 81

shure sm 58

shure sm 57

shure mx135

shure mx 412

shure mx 200

shure beta 52a

senheiser iem radio channel

senheiser e935 dynamic handheld

Radial usb-pro di box

Radial j48 active di box

QSC KLA 181 active sub

QSC KLA 12 active line array

motorola GP330 radio

midas Venice F16

martin audio LE1200s passive

martin audio 6.8q

martin audio 4.8q

martin audio 2.8s

Mackie SRM350v2 15inch active speaker

Mackie PROFX12

L-acoustics rigging bar

L-acoustics kiet

L-acoustics kibu

Klark teknik dn 100

Interspace pc-di

Greengo waa antena

Greengo sw5 base station

Greengo nrgp battery

greengo bc6 charger

Galileo 616 speaker managment system

EV cp 4000s amp

Electro voice zxa1 subwoofer

Electro voice zxa1 active compact speaker

Electro voice zxa1 15″ active speaker

Electro voice pl37

Electro voice pl35

electro voice pl33

DSAN usb di box

DPA d’vote 4099

DBX drive rack 4800 processor

DBX dj di

D&B E5 passive compact speaker

D&B d6 amplifier 2 channel

Shure cvd-b centraverse

Countryman b3 lavalier

BSS ar 133 active di box

Bose revolve sound link

Bose L1 extension bar

Bose L1 compact active speaker

Bose 151 white passive speaker

Behringer xenyx x2222 analogue mixer

Behringer xenyx x1204 analogue mixer

Behringer 15″ active speakers

APC 2200 va rack mount ups

Amadeus sub ml_15

Amadeus diva xs top speaker

Achat 104a 4″ active speaker

Prolyte Truss Circle 3m / 6m / 8m / 12m


MA GrandMA 2 Lighting Console

Greengo Wireless Communication Kit

Pioneer DJM-900NXS NEXUS

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus 2

Verlinde StageMaker SM10 1000kg Motor

Panasonic PT-RZ870BE Laser Projector

Christie HD14K-M 1080 HD 3DLP Projector

TablePoint Wireless LED Table Lamp

SGM P-5 Wash Light RGBW LED

Yamaha RIO 3224-D – I/O Rack

Procédés Hallier Fenyx Projector White

Procédés Hallier Fenyx Projector Black

ETC Source Four Mini (Various Degrees)

Dataton Watchout 6 Server

Sennheiser 2000 Series Channel Radio Mic Kit

Gloshine 4.9mm Outdoor LED Tile

Gloshine 2.9mm Indoor LED Tile

Gloshine 3.9mm Indoor LED Tile

Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 20,000 Lumens Full HD Projector

Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console

Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixing Console

L’Acoustics Syva Low

L’Acoustics Syva

L’Acoustics SB18 Sub

L’Acoustics KIVA II

Prolyte H30V C016 Cross 4 Way

Prolyte H30V C003 Corner 90 2 Way

Prolyte H30V C012 Corner 3 Way

Prolyte H30V Black Truss 0.79m

Prolyte H30V Black Truss 0.29m

Prolyte H30V Black Truss 0.5m

Prolyte H30V Black Truss 4m

Prolyte H30V Black Truss 3m

Prolyte H30V Black Truss 2m

Prolyte H30V Black Truss 1m

Spectral M800 LED Par

Avolites ART 2000 T4 48 x 16A Dimmer

Avolites ART 2000 Power Cube

Prolights Smart Bat

CORE Color Point MK2 Wireless Uplighter

Chamsys MagicQ MQ80 Console

Selecon Rama Fresnel 1200w

ETC Source Four (Various Degrees)

Clay Paky Mythos 2

Robe LED Beam 150

Martin Mac Aura

BMFL Wash Beam

MicroCue2 Changer

MasterCue V6

Countdown Clock with External displays

Christie Roadster WU14K-M 14k Projector

Apple Macbook Pro (Keynote and PowerPoint)

Analogway Pulse 2 3G

Analogway Ascender 48 4k


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