Advancing Event Fabrication in KSA with an Expert Local Team & Workshop

In line with the increasing demand for local operations in Saudi Arabia, we recently launched a new, fully-equipped 30,000 square foot production facility in Al-Sulay Riyadh, a mere 45 minutes from King Khalid International Airport. This strategic expansion aims to replicate the efficiency and quality standards that our clients have come to expect from our UAE operations. Equipped with the same high-end brands of machinery present in our Dubai workshop, including several large format CNC machines, a large capacity spray booth, and a controlled drying room, we’re ready to deliver event fabrication and other temporary build projects of any scale in the country.

Quick Reactivity in the Kingdom

Maestra's Workshop on Riyadh

While we’ve spent nearly a decade in the Kingdom building a robust portfolio of projects and clients, the increasing number of projects demanded a stronger local presence. Establishing a dedicated team and a fully-equipped workshop within Saudi Arabia empowers us to address our clients’ needs more promptly. This strategic setup allows for quick reactivity for event fabrication and other temporary build projects in the country.

There is always a risk with cross-border production and with ever decreasing project lead-times in the region, our setup in KSA gives our clients reassurance that their project will be delivered on-time and to the standard of quality that can be expected anywhere else in the world.

Leveraging Production Experience

Cutting wood in Maestra's KSA workshop Carpentry work in Maestra's Riyadh workshop Spray painting in Maestra's workshop

In establishing our Riyadh workshop, we’ve ensured skill and knowledge transfer for seamless delivery continuity between Saudi Arabia and UAE.

To further enhance our in-country capabilities, we’ve incentivised key personnel from our Dubai team—our best Production Managers, Carpenters, Painters, and Metalworkers—to join our Saudi operations. This strategic move enriches our KSA team with a wealth of experience and ensures the transfer of Maestra’s work methodologies and quality standards directly to our Riyadh workshop, mirroring the exceptional standards of our Dubai factory.

Remote Location Project Delivery

Winter at Tantora, KSA

The establishment of our Riyadh base significantly improves our capacity to undertake projects in remote areas of the Kingdom. It allows us to effectively manage and execute projects in areas that are logistically challenging. 

The geographic advantage is complemented by our track record of successful deliveries in various terrains and conditions within the region. Our experience in handling projects in remote locations instils confidence among our clients that, regardless of where their events are located, they can expect the same high level of service and attention to detail that Maestra provides throughout the region. 

When delivering jobs in remote locations across the Kingdom, we utilise our local supplier network to maximise efficiency and ensure we have studied the surrounding area to make sure that we are aware of the technicalities of the location that we are delivering in. With 13 regions in the Kingdom, we have grown our network to be able to understand the intricacies of each region.

Showblock by Maestra in KSA

Showblock by Maestra temporary structures in the workshop

In addition to our established scenic and custom build offerings, we offer architecturally designed temporary structures under Showblock by Maestra. This extension of our services enables us to offer quick, adaptable, and high-quality solutions for temporary venue projects, suitable for a wide range of events and outdoor activations. With an inventory exceeding 150 modular structures, our capacity to cater to diverse event needs – from large-scale public events to intimate private gatherings – is significantly enhanced.

Showblock’s modular nature and design flexibility allow us to meet a variety of client needs, further solidifying our position as a provider of innovative and impactful event solutions in the Kingdom.

Strong Team on the Ground

KSA team on site

Led by Jon Davis, with over 34 years of experience in the event industry, and Idelette Coetzee, our leadership team in Saudi Arabia bring a wealth of expertise to our operations. Jon has played a key role in major Saudi projects such as the construction of Maraya in Al Ula and the Richard Mille Al Desert Polo Tournament in 2023. Idelette’s focus on scenic build and fabrication has been demonstrated through her involvement in the Bujairi Opening in Diriyah and MENA Climate Week, ensuring our event fabrication and other projects are executed flawlessly.

Our approach extends beyond relocating key personnel from Dubai; we’ve also broadened our team with skilled Saudi nationals and additional professionals. This strategy merges a depth of experience with fresh perspectives. Our project managers and the production team, including both transferred workers from Dubai and new hires, work tirelessly to ensure every project not only meets but also exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Visit Our Workshop

We encourage you to visit our Riyadh workshop to experience our work firsthand. Through a guided tour, you can observe how we can support your projects and discuss potential collaborations. Contact us on [email protected] to schedule your visit.