Creed Silver Mountain x Z7 Communication

Creed’s latest niche fragrance, Silver Mountain Water, is gaining popularity for its refreshing and unique scent that evokes the crisp, cool mountain air. To introduce this exquisite fragrance to the Middle East, Z7 Communication, a luxury event agency, collaborated with our team at Maestra to create an enchanting event experience. The event was conceived by the luxury event agency, Z7 Communication, and produced entirely at our in-house facilities in Dubai. We collaborated seamlessly to ensure that every element was crafted with precision and expertise.

Guests were greeted by a captivating entrance tunnel made of sheer fabric, setting the tone for a translucent and mysterious ambiance. As they entered the event space, they were transported to a breathtaking white alp, brought to life by our skilled event fabrication team. Intricate styrofoam carvings perfectly replicated rocky formations, while cloud installations added an ethereal touch. To add a playful element, a snow fight zone was incorporated, evoking a sense of joy and childlike wonder.

The seamless collaboration between Z7 Communication and our team of experts resulted in a truly remarkable event. We are grateful for the opportunity to deliver this unique and immersive experience, showcasing the artistry and precision of our event fabrication capabilities.




Z7 Communication