Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental x Gosha Buro

Emirates Palace Hotel, a renowned beachfront resort in Abu Dhabi, recently underwent a rebranding to become Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental. To mark this momentous occasion, the palace was transformed with exquisite golden decor, reflecting its opulence and grandeur. Collaborating with Gosha Buro, a renowned creative studio, we provided comprehensive custom event fabrication services.

Through collaborative brainstorming sessions and meticulous planning, we brought every aspect of this opulent project to life. Operating from our cutting-edge workshop in Dubai, we meticulously crafted scenic elements and props.

Every detail was thoughtfully considered to create an immersive experience that mesmerised guests. The result was a resounding success that showcased our expertise in event fabrication and our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.


Abu Dhabi


Gosha Buro