Macallan Zero Waste x Urban Events

The goal was clear: to reduce the environmental impact of the event while maintaining the design and experience created by Urban Events, an event planning agency. Through close collaboration and innovative solutions, we achieved a waste diversion rate of nearly 90%, setting a new sustainability standard in event fabrication.

The main challenge was to minimise waste generation without compromising the event’s aesthetics and functionality. Our objectives were to:

  • reduce the event’s environment footprint,
  • integrate sustainable practices and create a monitoring system to track progress,
  • and provide data for a sustainability report.

To achieve these goals, we formed an in-house team of build experts to work hand-in-hand with Urban Events to ensure a seamless integration of sustainable practices. We also carefully selected materials and production methods to minimise waste generation and energy consumption, from refurbishing old furniture, repainting old walls to segregating waste streams and not using single-use water bottles on-site.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts between Urban Events and our team of event fabricators, we were able to deliver an environmentally conscious event without comprimising the design and overall experience.




Urban Events