Seven x Multilem Worldwide

The construction of the custom exhibition stand for Seven at the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo in Riyadh, which was conceptualised and designed by the creative agency Multilem Worldwide, took three days of intense onsite installation.

The 96-square-meter exhibition stand featured impressive built-in features, including a mezzanine structure utilising Showblock by Maestra, complete with sleek handrails, LED screens, interactive podium displays, and a meeting room.

One of the key factors contributing to the project’s success was Maestra’s practice of creating a mock-up in the workshop before starting the on-site construction. This approach allowed the senior project team to plan ahead, effectively manage any technical challenges. Additionally, with our brand-new workshop in Riyadh, they were able to address onsite concerns and streamline the installation process, ensuring a quick turnaround and a seamless delivery.




Multilem Worldwide