UAE Climate Tech x Evolution Events

As Maestra, we made a significant contribution to the inaugural decarbonisation technology conference, UAEClimateTech, hosted by the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, ADNOC, and Masdar. For this event, our team installed twelve of our Showblock by Maestra temporary structures. These structures were used to create the registration and reception area and were pre-fitted with branding elements.

By using temporary structures instead of traditional construction methods and pre-fitting them at our premises, we were able to reduce carbon emissions and event wastage:

  • We achieved an impressive waste reduction of 95% by using reclaimed or recycled structures and materials.
  • Our pre-fitting process in the workshop streamlined operations and minimised the number of truck journeys between the site and production facilities for materials and on-site personnel transportation, reducing carbon emissions.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our partner, Evolutions Events, for entrusting us with the successful execution of this prestigious event.


Abu Dhabi


Evolution Events