Bespoke Fabrication for Majestic Ramadan Activations

Move beyond the overused traditional tents and impress your guests with Showblock by Maestra – the modern solution for outdoor Ramadan setups. This year marks the first winter observance of Ramadan in 24 years in the UAE and KSA, presenting a unique opportunity to innovate Ramadan activations. This seasonal shift opens doors to reimagine Ramadan celebrations, blending the sanctity of Ramadan with the charm of winter.

Ramadan Temporary Venue in Dubai


Quick Installation

Efficiency is vital in the fast-paced world of events. That’s why Showblock by Maestra is quick and easy to install, typically set up within 24-48 hours depending on the project’s scale. The rapid installation process allows for more focus on other important aspects of your Ramadan activation, without compromising on quality. Each installation is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every structure is safe, stable, and perfectly meets your needs.


Ramadan Setup in Dubai


Highly Versatile

At the heart of Showblock by Maestra’s design is its versatility. It’s fully adaptable to various setups, from open-air gatherings to more enclosed, intimate spaces, catering perfectly to the unique demands of a winter Ramadan. This flexibility is also reflected in our ability to match the aesthetic preferences of our clients, allowing each Ramadan activation to become a personalised expression of style and cultural significance.


Showblock by Maestra for Ramadan Activations in the Middle East


Resistance to Heavy Winds

Unlike tents, Showblock by Maestra is engineered to withstand heavy winds, offering a robust solution to the challenges of winter weather during Ramadan. Its stability not only alleviates concerns about weather disruptions but also ensures a secure and comfortable environment for guests, enhancing their experience.



Ramadan Activation in Dubai - Internal View of the Venue

Perfect for Intimate Setups

Showblock by Maestra is uniquely flexible, adept at catering to both expansive events and intimate gatherings. While it excels in hosting large-scale Ramadan celebrations, its innovative design also makes it ideal for smaller, more personal settings. This capability ensures that Showblock by Maestra is perfect for creating a sense of warmth and community in cosy environments, promoting interaction and meaningful connections. Whether your plans involve a grand festivity or a smaller, intimate occasion, the structure serves as an excellent setting for any Ramadan event.


Ramadan Decor in the Middle East


Beautiful Ramadan Decor

We take pride in our ability to create beautiful, bespoke Ramadan decor. With in-house production capabilities, we offer a range of decor, from traditional mashrabiya to modern designs. Our team uses advanced machinery and skilled craftsmanship to ensure high-quality finishes.


Ramadan Activation for Cartier


Rapid Project Delivery Across the Middle East

Our presence in the Middle East, with fully equipped workshops in KSA and UAE, allows for rapid project delivery. With a ready supply of 160 Showblock by Maestra structures, we are equipped to initiate and execute projects swiftly, ensuring timely delivery for your Ramadan activation throughout the region.


Let’s Get Started!

For a unique and memorable Ramadan activation, get in touch with us. Our team is prepared to assist you in bringing your event concepts to fruition. Visit our contact form to enquire, and let’s work together to make this Ramadan truly special.