The Curves: Newly Launched Modular Structures

Showblock Curves Quarter-moon

Never Seen Before in the Middle East

Showblock Curves Half-moon Structure

The Curves are Now Available for Projects in the Region

The Curves is our latest addition to the Showblock family. It has already been making waves in the UK, and is now available for the very first time in the Middle East.

We have two versions of The Curves as seen below.

Two versions of Showblock Curves

Endless Configurations

Endless Configurations using Showblock Curves

The Curves seamlessly integrates with the Block, Cube, and Oblong to construct up to three storeys of captivating designs within quick turnaround times.

All the structures within the Showblock family allow for the incorporation of glass, curved screens, and branding, along with the option to select glass ceilings for natural light.

The Curves two storey structure


Need More Information?

Want to learn how you can use The Curves for your next project? Reach out to our team at [email protected].